A natural disaster training exercise will see military personnel in the London area

Residents of London and the north of the city are told not to be alarmed if they see military personnel and vehicles in the area over the next five days.

The Canadian Army Reserve will conduct natural disaster training exercises in London, Lucan and Huron County from Thursday to Monday. More than 300 Army Reservists will participate in a simulated forest fire emergency.

Residents can expect to see reservists and military vehicles at the Lucan Community Memorial Center in Lucan, South Huron Recreation Center in Exeter, London, Lucan Conservation Area, Crediton Conservation Area and Huron Park.

“This important training is conducted annually to practice the planning and execution of domestic support operations, which take place after receiving a request for assistance from civil authorities during crises in Canadian communities such as natural disasters,” said the Canadian Army Reserve said in a statement.

Participating reservists will undergo a variety of training tasks and objectives, including the establishment of command posts and theoretical and practical wildfire training.

No weapons will be used during this training exercise and area residents are encouraged to interact with Army personnel in their communities. However, the public is urged to exercise caution when approaching military vehicles used in training.