AG Cameron Announces New “Natural Disaster Fraud Hotline”

FRANKFORT, Ky. (LEX 18) – Attorney General Daniel Cameron on Thursday announced a new natural disaster fraud hotline to help Kentuckians report tornado and storm-related frauds in the west and central Kentucky.

The telephone number for the hotline is 502-696-5485. It is accessible to Kentuckians who report suspected scams, price hikes, or other types of fraud related to severe weather events.

“Our neighbors in western and central Kentucky are working to get back on their feet and we want to provide as much assistance as possible during this process by setting up a direct number to report fraud,” Attorney General Cameron said. .

“Kentuckians can call 502-696-5485 to report any suspected fraud. Bad actors often use natural disasters to perpetrate scams and fraud, and reporting these people to our office will help ensure that the fraud is stopped and that the bad actors are held accountable under the law.

In addition to the hotline, AG Cameron has created websites for Kentuckians who prefer to electronically report suspected fraud. Suspected price increases can be reported to; and scams can be reported to The Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Hotline remains active and can be reached by calling 1-888-432-9257.

Before calling the natural disaster fraud hotline, Kentuckians are encouraged to gather as much detail as possible about the alleged fraud, including details of how the fraud was perpetrated and where it occurred. .

For price gouging, Kentuckians must declare the name and address of the seller / retailer, the item purchased, the price of the item after the emergency declaration and the price of the item before the emergency declaration , if it is known.

Earlier this week, Attorney General Cameron released a list of scams related to natural disasters with tips on how to avoid these common scams. The advice is available here.

The Natural Disaster Fraud Hotline is available by calling 502-696-5485.