Australian government continues to act on National Natural Disaster Royal Commission recommendations

The Australian government announced today that it will provide up to $ 20 million to implement Australia’s new fire risk assessment system in addition to a series of other initiatives to help Australians to better prepare for bush fires.

Emergency Management, National Recovery and Resilience Minister Senator Bridget McKenzie said the initiatives respond to the recommendations of the Royal Commission on National Disaster Agreements.

“We are delighted to announce up to $ 20 million in co-funding for the implementation of Australia’s new fire risk assessment system,” said Senator McKenzie.

“This new system will give our communities clear and consistent fire danger information across Australia, providing greater confidence to act safely in the event of a bushfire.

“We will also provide $ 2 million for a national education campaign to improve public awareness and understanding of Australia’s warning system, as part of the $ 261 million disaster risk reduction program over five. years supported by Australian, state and territory governments.

“Australia’s Warning System provides consistent emergency alerts to communities regarding impending natural hazards and severe weather events. Focused initially on bushfires, the warning system will expand over time to include floods, storms, cyclones, extreme heat and severe weather events.

“We are also providing an annual boost of $ 4 million to the National Aerial Fire Center (NAFC), which will allow a large Australian-based national tanker to be readily available for earlier starts. and subsequent endings of our fire seasons. “

In total, the Australian government has increased its annual investment in aerial firefighting to over $ 30 million for the National Aerial Firefighting Center to ensure that additional resources are available for firefighters.

“Since the horrific bushfires of the black summer, the government has worked to strengthen Australia’s capacity to respond to and recover from crises, including natural disasters and the COVID-19 pandemic.

“As communities across Australia continue to recover and rebuild, the next challenge is to ensure that we are all prepared for the disaster risks we face over the coming summer.

“To support this, Emergency Management Australia has implemented its High Risk Weather Season Readiness Program across Australia, providing a comprehensive overview of the national weather and climate outlook, as well as Australian Government support and services. available to states and territories during disasters and emergencies.

“While we may not be able to protect the nation from disasters, we can reduce risk and be better prepared to protect our families and communities from the potentially devastating effects of natural disasters. “

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