Back Pain Relief 4 Life Program Review (My Back Pain Coach)

According to experts, many people are bedridden and disability due to chronic back pain. Additionally, millions of people no longer enjoy movements and activities involving the use of the back due to back problems. In addition, thousands more depend on over-the-counter and prescribed pain relievers for pain relief in the vertebrae.

The Back Pain Relief 4 Life program claims fight the worst back pain in less than 20 minutes. What is that? Is it effective? This review provides you with details on these 2 minute moves.

Ian Hart’s program: what is it?

Ian Hart, a US-based fitness trainer, is the developer of this back pain relief program. He is a trainer who claims to have helped thousands of people live pain-free lives using eight simple exercises. Ian also claims that each of these back strengthening moves takes less than 2 minutes and can perform them on his own. Likewise, Ian Hart claims that these movements are not of high intensity and will not cause damage to your back. Plus, you don’t need to invest in an expensive gym membership and equipment to do these Back Pain Relief 4 Life exercises. With just a comfortable chair and a pillow or towel, you can begin the journey to a backache free life using the Ian Hart Program.

The developer claims that if you perform these minor movements correctly and consistently, you can completely stop taking pain relievers and other medications for your back pain. According to the official Back Pain Relief 4 Life webpage, this program has helped hundreds of people of different ages deal with chronic pain, ultimately giving them the peace and quiet to go about their daily activities pain-free. Plus, Ian Hart’s Back Pain Relief Program can give you impressive results in 30-60 days.

Who Needs This Spine Support Program?

Ian Hart says these movements are for anyone with debilitating back pain that doesn’t seem to go away, even with the strongest pain reliever. Plus, most back pain treatments don’t treat the pain from the inside out. However, this program is essential for people who want to heal their intervertebral disc and treat pain in its core, thus obtaining permanent solutions.

Many people spend most of their day sitting at the desk. Others, like drivers, spend most of the time behind the wheel glued to the chair with very little time to exercise their intervertebral disc. Additionally, some people spend most of their day lifting heavy objects, which can destroy the core in their back and gradually damage the nerves.

In aging people, poor cell regeneration causes muscles to relax. So you start to experience back pain which gets worse over time. In a few years, chronic back pain can negatively impact your career and your quality of life. Most people end up quitting their jobs, while others can only get around with crutches or wheelchairs due to extensive damage to the intervertebral disc and nerves. In the worst case, people without financial assistance are bedridden with limited movement.

According to Ian Hart, these movements can help correct poor posture and strengthen your back pain, thereby thwarting future back problems. In addition, these back pain movements are scientifically proven to support the spine painlessly and without side effects.

The 8 movements of Ian Hart

Ian Hart provides videos to users of this program that can help you perform the movements in the comfort of your home. Plus, each 2-minute video educates users on when and how to perform these simple back pain relief exercises. However, Ian Hart strongly recommends that you perform these daily activities to relieve back pain to achieve effective results.

Movement 1

Ian Hart explains that this first movement is not impactful. However, it is crucial to prepare the core of any unbalanced back muscles to start the healing process.

Movement 2

The coach explains that this second action aims to stimulate your hip muscles to prepare for the movement.

Movement 3

The third movement is aimed at physically preparing your system to get rid of all the aches and pains that you are currently experiencing.

Movement 4

Back pain, according to Ian Hart, can result from poor blood flow to the lower region of the spine. So, this fourth movement aims to provide your lower back pain with adequate nutrients, oxygen and energy, which are fundamental in stopping back pain.

Movement 5

Continued strain on the lower spine can create stress that gradually damages the muscles of the back. However, the 2-minute fifth movement can help relieve this tension, providing pain relief.

Movement 6

Unlike the previous movements which only target your lower back, the sixth movement aims to strengthen your entire system. Additionally, this activity can improve blood circulation throughout your body.

Movement 7

According to Ian Hart, the seventh movement relaxes your upper and lower back, making you flexible enough to move in any direction you desire.

Movement 8

By the end of the eighth movement, your spine should have sufficient nourishment and oxygen and zero toxic elements, thus effectively initiating the healing power. Back Pain Relief 4 Life maker claims that you should feel a difference in pain at the end of these movements.

What is the science behind this spine pain relief program?

The developer and the coach firmly state that the eight movements in this program are backed by science. In addition, the 2-minute movements aim to fix and relax the back muscles, nourish them and prevent the intervertebral disc from coming into contact with the nerves, resulting in pain.

The trainer also claims that the movements repair the nerves and muscles in the spine by provide adequate nutrition and oxygen. So, if you perform the eight suggested exercises, in less than three weeks, you can get rid of back pain completely.

What do you get after purchasing Ian Hart Spine Pain Relief Solution?

The set includes:

Training video – This online video is 28 minutes long and provides users with a detailed explanation of where, how and why to perform the eight movements.

10 video coaching sessions – These ten targeted coaching videos are short and downloadable. Therefore, you can perfect all the 2-minute exercises in a short time.

Individual virtual training – Ian Hart offers users unlimited access to his private consultation and coaching as well as numerous educational emails that can strengthen your back health.

Follow-up videos – This is a bonus guide to help you follow the suggested videos. There is music added to these videos to poke fun at movement and therapy.

Start your day – is a bonus guide to help prepare your spine for the day to avoid discomfort and pain.

Instant access to videos – According to Ian, you get instant access to all videos in the entire program after purchasing this program.

Features and Benefits of Ian’s Back Pain Relief Solution

It is 100% painless and does not require the use of injections, supplements or drugs.

It can help you get back to your favorite activities as it stops back pain completely.

It nourishes the lower and upper back for better joint health. Also, it improves your postures, thus preventing the nerves from rubbing with the intervertebral disc.

It can improve the quality of sleep by fighting the chronic pain that keeps you awake most of the night.

You don’t need any gym equipment or professional trainers to perform all eight movements.

It can help reduce the inflammation that causes back pain

It can improve your mental clarity by fighting pain, which helps you make good decisions.

4 Life Back Pain Relief Program Prices

Back Pain Relief 4 Life is exclusively available on its official website. After processing your order, the manufacturer gives you instant digital access to everything related to this program. Also, there is the physical option which is shipped to your destination in 3-4 days. Plus, Ian Hart is confident that the 20 Minute Workout will help you fight back pain. As a mark of excellence, it offers a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Final thoughts

The Back Pain Relief 4 Life program is an online product that aims to improve the health of your back. This is a series of easy-to-do activities that you can safely complete at home in under 20 minutes. Plus, you don’t need any complicated equipment to perform all eight moves. So, it is a good option if you are looking for a non-invasive treatment, drug-free solution to chronic back pain. However, be sure to consult your doctor before performing these movements to avoid further damage to the spine.

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