Bermagui Emergency Guide Offers Disaster Preparedness Tips For The Whole Community Bega District News


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Bermagui is taking its future security in hand with the creation and distribution of a community emergency guide. The guide was officially launched on Thursday evening October 28 in the new rooms of the country club’s Bermagui Big Game Angling Club. The important project was coordinated by the Bermagui Area Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Information Center volunteers and took a lot of blood, sweat and tears to get there. House Secretary Janette Neilson said the idea arose during a series of community meetings held in the aftermath of the 2019/20 bushfires. READ ALSO: Don’t be complacent this summer, NSW RFS Deputy Commissioner warns Bermagui itself did not burn down, but much of its surrounding countryside and many homes in outlying towns did. However, it became a hub for the evacuees and an important place of refuge for so many during those dark days. As a result, during the “Time to Talk” sessions, Ms. Neilson said the community has raised questions about preparedness and how to improve it in an emergency. And so the seed of the Bermagui Emergency Guide was planted. On Thursday, Lewis Gaha of the Bermagui Rural Fire Department spoke about the finished product and how more than 1,000 were printed and assembled by volunteers. It will also see a dedicated effort by city emergency service volunteers to distribute the guide, with a copy to be delivered to every household in the Bermagui, Wallaga and Barragga Bay areas. “A plan is only useful when it is read and implemented,” Mr. Gaha said. “[The guide] provides an excellent framework. The Bermagui RFS is grateful to be on board with this. “People need to be prepared and be as self-sufficient as possible. If you and your home are well prepared, you have the best chance of surviving a fire.” READ ALSO: NSW Records 135 COVID-19 Cases As Intra-State Travel Resumes However, Guide Goes Beyond Bushfires To Provide Information And Advice On Storms, Floods And Even Options For evacuation after a tsunami. “It’s about understanding the risks, preparing your plan and implementing it if necessary,” said Christine Bimson, director of Bermagui VIC. John Mills of the Bermagui State Emergency Service Branch also reiterated that the guide will help people prepare in the event that emergency events arrive at Bermagui’s gates again. “It’s a way to find out who does what and how all of the services work together,” Mills said. Ms Neilson said the guide was purposely designed as a loose-leaf binder so that updated information can be added as needed, while there are also pockets available for important documents of people they want. also have on hand in emergency situations – insurance documents and so on. Funding for the guide game comes from several sources, including $ 10,000 from the Australian Mutuals Foundation, approximately $ 8,000 from the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal and nearly $ 2,000 from the Bega Valley Shire Council to cover paper and paper. printer toner. READ ALSO: Rural Aid Appoints New Advisor for Bega Valley Farmers BVSC Advisor Tony Allen was also present at launch and said he hopes an emergency the scale of Black Summer doesn’t happen again , that you couldn’t beat the experience when it comes to learning and sharing information. “My wife and family came to Bermagui during the evacuations and we are very grateful for the help they received at the Surf Rescue Club,” said Cr Allen. “It’s when hard times arrive that the values ​​of a small community take over. The determination of a community is paramount.” You need someone to take charge and having a plan is the point. departure.”



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