Center and Sindh agree to launch blue economy and ecotourism projects

KARACHI: Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah and Federal Minister for Climate Change Sherry Rehman have agreed to work on different projects including de-pollution of Lake Manchar, development of eco-tourism in Keenjhar Lake and forest of Miani and the strengthening of fisheries cold chains and the development of a sustainable fisheries management framework.

The meeting was held Saturday at CM House in the presence of Provincial Forestry and Wildlife Minister Taimur Talpur, Planning and Development Council Chairman Hassan Naqvi, Forestry Secretary Badar Jamil Mendhro and Department of Forestry Secretary environment Hassan Iqbal.

It was pointed out that the Federal Government has established the “National Disaster Risk Management Fund” (NDRMF) to fund sub-projects that will help build Pakistan’s resilience to climatic and other natural hazards and enhance the government’s ability to respond to disasters triggered by natural disasters. hazards.

The Fund also has a mandate to support climate-related interventions for climate change adaptation and mitigation.

This [The Fund] has already committed $38.78 million nationwide for the implementation of projects aligned with and complementing the implementation of the National Disaster Management Plan and the National Flood Protection Plan.

Federal Minister Sherry Rehman asked the provincial government to send them to the federal government. She assured that the federal government would fund them through NDRMF or any other source.