Computer Vision as a Solution to Safety Problems in Industrial Plants – Occupational Health and Safety

Computer vision as a solution to safety problems in industrial installations

Perhaps artificial intelligence could be the answer to many workplace safety questions.

According to computer science literature, artificial intelligence is defined as a technique that can mimic the behavior of the human brain.

In recent years, we have seen more and more Industry 4.0 solutions whose technology involves artificial intelligence, voice analysis and image detection as an integral part of manufacturing activity. These can include improved productivity, earlier detection of machine faults and quality control.

In this article, we will see how to apply computer vision technology to detect safety risks in industrial facilities, such as factories and logistics centers, in order to prevent man-machine accidents in real time.

When the computer sees better than us

Think of a security guard sitting in a control room filled with screens displaying plant activities. On one screen we see the loading area and the intense activity of the operational vehicles, on the second screen we see one of the factory’s production halls, with many assembly lines and activities going on. In a third screen, a finished goods warehouse is shown, with shelves arranged in racks that sometimes reach the ceiling. And, that’s just three screens of a full grid.

No one person, regardless of skill and concentration in their work, will be able to view all screens simultaneously, identify near misses and provide effective real-time alerts that can lead to accident prevention.

In contrast, computers with vision analysis algorithms are able to simultaneously analyze all screens 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and stop dangerous activity before it becomes an accident.

Use of smart technology

Computer vision is one of the oldest areas of artificial intelligence. A major goal of computer vision is to extract or analyze visual information from images. Although it is an integral part of the solution, it alone is not enough to solve the complex problem we are facing.