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Aaron Crawford with the Benton County Emergency Response Team chats with a visitor at a 2019 Emergency Preparedness Fair, held at the Philomath Rodeo Grounds. The City of Corvallis plans to set up its own CERT team


The town of Corvallis is setting up its own certified community response team.

The CERT team, as it’s called, already has 60 volunteers on board, with training scheduled for the weekends November 13-14 and November 20-21.

CERT training provides community members with basic disaster response skills such as team building, disaster medical operations, fire safety, and light search and rescue . In the event of a real disaster, members of the CERT team learn to apply this training at home, then in their neighborhoods.

CERT is designed to improve the resilience and readiness of all community members through training, public awareness and communication.

Go to to register for the CERT team and for training sessions.

Corvallis hopes to have a CERT team in each of the city’s nine neighborhoods by 2030, said Dave Busby, the city’s emergency preparedness who works for the Corvallis Fire Department. Previously, the efforts of the Corvallis CERT were linked to those of Benton County.

Busby said the aim is to “represent the whole community, including those who do not speak English”.


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