COVID Woes and Disaster Preparedness | Mercury Lithgow


I would like to know who are the 5 cases for Sunday / Monday where they come from and how they got them. Not happy – what does it all mean for us to get out of lockdown next Monday? – Rod Taylor Why do Lithgow and the District have to stay stranded until October 11 when other places are only stranded for seven days, I don’t think that’s very fair. – Julie McCann As people continue to suffer from the mental health effects of the pandemic, the Red Cross reminds readers that there are things they can do now to regain control and prepare for inevitable disasters future. New research from the Australian Red Cross has found that the mental health of two in five Australians has been affected by Covid, and a similar number say they have less hope for the future. Some 37% feel less safe and secure. This week is our annual campaign to encourage people to prepare for disasters because the better prepared people are, the better their experience when disaster inevitably strikes. Better preparation also leads to better recovery. There are great resources on the Red Cross website, including steps to create your own emergency plan, to download the Red Cross Get Prepared app. , a survival kit, a list of emergency contacts, a list of souvenirs, information to help you. manage stress and more. As disaster season quickly approaches, we strongly encourage people to start thinking now about how they are going to get out of this. Your mental health will be better for it. – Poppy Brown, director of the Australian Red Cross NSW


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