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OSWEGO COUNTY – “A Lasting Legacy” is the theme for this year’s National Preparedness Month in September.

This annual celebration reminds all Americans how important it is for individuals, families, and communities to be prepared for disasters and emergencies that can strike at any time.

“National Preparedness Month creates an ideal opportunity for every Oswego County resident to join others across the United States in preparing their homes, businesses, and communities for any type of emergency,” said Oswego County Legislative Speaker James Weatherup, District 9. “I urge all government agencies, private organizations, businesses and individuals in Oswego County to develop their own emergency preparedness plan. emergency and work together to create a stronger and more resilient community.

Cathleen Palmitesso, Director of Emergency Management for Oswego County, said, “The life you have built is worth protecting. Prepare for disasters now to create “A Lasting Legacy” for you and your family… Planning before an emergency strikes is the best way to improve our community’s recovery from disaster. When individuals take responsibility for preparing their families and communities, the chances of survival and recovery after a disaster are greatly increased. »

Palmitesso urges people to follow the steps offered by the Federal Emergency Management Agency on the website and make a plan for their families.

“Meet with your family and discuss the dangers of possible emergencies, including fires, weather, dangerous spills and more,” she said. “Know what to do in every type of emergency and how to contact your family members at any time.”

Residents of Oswego County should also be prepared for winter weather events such as lake effect snow, Nor’easters and ice storms. Property damage and power outages lasting a week or more can occur with these storms, along with driving hazards, freezing cold, and other issues.

People should also be prepared for an emergency at a nuclear power plant.

“Emergency plans for the public are posted on our website,,” Palmitesso said. “People who reside within the 10-mile emergency planning zone should review these plans and obtain potassium iodide (KI) tablets for their families.”

KI is available at Oswego County Emergency Management Office, 200 N. Second St., Fulton, 315-591-9150, and Oswego County Health Department, 70 Bunner St., Oswego, 315 -349-3573. Please call ahead and schedule an hour to pick up the tablets.

Family disaster plans should be tailored to the specific needs of your household, such as caring for children, pets and the elderly.

“Build your own personal network of individuals who can help you prepare for an emergency or disaster by helping you identify resources and assistance you may need,” Palmitesso said. “Keep in mind things like dietary needs, medical needs, including prescriptions, and languages ​​spoken. When planning for an emergency, consider the needs of people with disabilities, such as people with limited mobility who need a wheelchair or walker, and consider special equipment people may need , such as oxygen or respirators.

Family emergency plan templates are available online at

Palmitesso also urged people to build a kit with disaster supplies for at least three days.

“Adapt the contents of the kit to your family’s needs and abilities,” she says. “You could be without power or essential services for up to a week or more following a severe weather event. Kits should include water, non-perishable food, a battery-operated or wind-up AM/FM radio, first aid kit, flashlight, extra batteries and copies of important documents. Don’t forget your pets; have plans for them if you have to leave your house for several days.

Disaster supply kits should be kept in a designated place and easy to grab if you need to leave your home quickly. A car emergency kit should include jumper cables, flares or reflective triangle, ice scraper, cell phone charger, blanket, map, and kitty litter or sand for a better tire traction.

“Make sure your cell phone is fully charged when bad weather conditions are imminent,” Palmitesso said. “People should also ensure that their cell phone numbers are registered with the Oswego County E-911 Communications Center Hyper-Reach Notification Service.”

Hyper-Reach uses mass dialing technology to notify people of emergencies or incidents in their neighborhood. People can register their cell phones through the E-911 Communication Center website,

“Fortunately, Oswego County was spared flooding and weather-related events that resulted in disaster declarations across New York State this summer,” Palmitesso said. “However, with winter approaching and more severe weather threats expected across the country, I urge everyone to prepare now to protect their families and loved ones.”

More disaster planning information is available at and the Oswego County Office of Emergency Management website,

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