Culture festival could change all history

The following contains spoilers for Season 3, Episode 7 of Kaguya-sama: Love Is War, now streaming on Funimation and Crunchyroll.

Preparations for the Culture Festival took center stage in Episode 7 of Season 3 of Kaguya-sama: Love is war. As Ishigami Yu and Iino Miko prepared for the festival set-up, the Mass Media Club interviewed Shuchiin Academy clubs while Shirogane Miyuki – spoiler alert – found something else he’s for. completely zero.

The Culture Festival seems to be a game-changer for the series, as each of the characters has found a reason to invest in their success – despite an ominous warning that it will be a catastrophic disaster.

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Miko Iino Can’t Love Part 1

Iino’s social anxiety once again surfaced when Shirogane asked him and Ishigami to join the culture festival committee to help organize everything. Ishigami thrived on exploiting one loophole after another in order to approve everyone’s requests to impress Tsubame Koyasu, his crush. Despite her apprehension, Iino was the only one who took the meeting seriously enough to point out that “I woke up LOL for real? It doesn’t make sense but it’s totally amazing LOL Why not party like there’s no tomorrow at Shuchiin Festival? This! A million times that! I’ve never been a popular otaku. I’ll catch some z’s now. Good night!” was a terrible idea for the Festival’s slogan.

However, Iino came to life when a campfire request was read. Despite the many safety instructions and the dangers, she continued with determination, telling her fellow committee members that a campfire was a matter of trust and that they had to earn that trust from the school and the community. .

Even Ishigami was impressed with Iino’s strength of will as she and another committee member went door to door in the surrounding neighborhoods to assure residents that the Festival would not be disruptive. Just when it seemed like Iino had finally found a reason to come out of his shell, Ishigami deduced that the campfire was his idea in the first place, which means Iino hasn’t changed that much. she really wants a campfire.

Battle Result: Iino Wins

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Students wish to discuss the culture festival

Mass Media Club members Kose Erika and Kino Karen walked through Shuchiin Academy to interview key members of various clubs about their plans for the Culture Festival. It turned out that they were “Kaguya worshipers” who couldn’t keep their cool just by being in her presence as they scolded her about archery. They interviewed the school’s least problematic student, Tsubame Koyasu, about the gymnastics club’s theatrical production when their life was vaguely threatened by Ryuju Momo of the astronomy club – whose parents may or may not be Yakuza members.

Episode 7’s biggest bombshell came when they asked Shirogane about his plans for the Festival, to which he cryptically replied “I’ll do it like a man.” This moment began a groundbreaking narrative from the girls that Shirogane’s words were the trigger for the legendary “major incident involving the whole school”. A chain of betrayals as everyone loses sight of love. Kaguya Shinomiya has a sweet smile on her face. The girls ominously tease that this incident is to continue in the next episode.

A major incident caused by Shirogane resonates throughout the school and gives Shinomiya a sweet smile? It’s time to light the beacon and summon Kaguya-sama fans from all corners of the kingdom because Shirogane looks set to make the dramatic confession that fans have been waiting for 31+ episodes. It’s hard to imagine what else the “major incident” could be, especially now that Fujiwara Chika’s Game Club’s idea of ​​a school-wide battle royale where students fight until death was rejected.

Battle Result: None

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Miyuki Shirogane wants to blow it up

Another day, another relatively simple task Shirogane couldn’t complete to save his life. This time he popped one balloon after another while trying to help make balloon art for the Festival. Fujiwara was furious when Kashiwagi simply told Shirogane to give up and try something else. Instead, Fujiwara insisted that a child’s potential should never be destroyed by telling him to give up and was tearfully preparing to help Shirogane when he announced he would find out through him. -even as he always did (even if he never did).

Surprisingly, Shinomiya was open with her affection as she complimented Shirogane for his persistence as he despaired of the fact that he fears everything. She argued that having to try so hard in everything is what makes Shirogane who he is, so witty and intelligent. Her words gave her the confidence to keep trying – unfortunately, getting new balloons from Fujiwara that wouldn’t burst so easily didn’t help her at all, forcing her to help him once again.

Result of the battle: Fujiwara loses

Season 3 Dashboard: Shinomiya 4-3 / Shirogane 2-5 / Ishigami 0-1 / Fujiwara 0-2 / Iino 2-2 / Osaragi 1-0 / Kashiwagi 1-0 / Shijo 2-0 / Hayasaka 1-0

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