Dane Co. invites public comments on draft natural disaster mitigation strategies


MADISON, Wisconsin – The public is able to comment on proposed strategies for Dane County to mitigate the effects of natural hazards and disasters ranging from extreme temperatures to tornadoes and flooding.

The county is in the process of updating its natural hazard mitigation plan. As part of the update, the county proposed 14 draft mitigation strategies ranging from the assessment of the county’s plan for climate change impacts to tree canopy expansion and campaign development. awareness raising to help residents prepare for disasters.

While heavy rain or extreme weather conditions cannot be avoided, planning ahead can reduce storm damage.

“We face natural hazards, conditions that change and evolve, and, you know, sometimes there are certain lessons that you don’t learn until you have to learn them the hard way,” J said. McClellan, a public protection planner. .

The current version of the Dane County Risk Mitigation Plan and the New Draft Mitigation Strategies are available online. Members of the public can weigh in on the draft until December 8.