Derecho changed disaster preparedness | Raccoon Valley Radio

Last year’s echo storm caused massive damage across Iowa and potentially changed the way people view disaster preparedness.

The derecho, described as a long-lasting straight-line windstorm, ravaged Iowa in August of last year. Dallas County Emergency Management Coordinator AJ Seely says the storm has helped change the way people view disaster preparedness.

“I think the derecho has certainly opened the eyes of people who may not have been aware of it, that derechos do exist and they can happen and two, that they can be spread and last longer. than what we normally expected. “

Seely told Raccoon Valley Radio that with other potential disasters, we’re lucky the impact is time limited, like flash floods. Seely explains that the derecho created significant impacts for an extended period.

“We had weeklong power outages, that sort of thing. Even today I’m sure people are still grappling with the aftermath of derecho, be it home insurance and all that sort of thing.

Seely says the derecho highlighted people’s preparedness for disasters. September is National Readiness Month, and people can follow the Dallas County EMA’s Facebook page for tips on getting ready throughout this month.

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