Digital University Kerala partners with UN and WHO for disaster preparedness

Kerala Digital University has partnered with the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and the World Health Organization (WHO) to organize a two-week knowledge workshop on “integrating technologies in disaster preparedness”.

The workshop, which starts on May 16 and ends on May 27, aims to address the lack of understanding and lack of required skills that hinder the wide application of digital technologies in disaster response.

The workshop is part of an ongoing collaboration between Sinnu Susan Thomas, Assistant Professor, Kerala Digital University and Edilson K. Arruda, Senior Lecturer, University of Southampton, UK, funded by the Going Global Partnerships Exploratory Grant. from the British Council, according to a DUK statement here.

According to UNEP, despite the amazing advancements of digital technologies in all spheres of human life which have effectively ushered in a technological revolution known as the fourth industrial revolution, the huge potential of modern technologies remains under-tapped in disaster management. and disaster risk reduction.

The workshop aims to create capacity building for government officials, students and anyone interested in using modern technologies in disaster management.

The event also envisioned deepening the public’s understanding of the complexities of digital technologies – particularly artificial intelligence – and equipping them for informed decision-making in this area, he said.

The main areas of discussion will be learning to help in response and recovery, the visual perspective of disasters, robots and drones to the rescue, speech as help, emergency networking through trials and errors, disaster management and related challenges, optimization and simulation of logistics operations under conditions of uncertainty and logistics issues in humanitarian operations, the statement added.