Disaster Faith Group Helps Dixie County Families Get Through Flood Crisis

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CROSS CITY, Fla. (WCJB) – The Southern Baptist Convention Disaster Relief of Florida was at Lydia Baptist Church in Dixie County with over 100 volunteers helping families during this flood crisis, but high water levels in the region prevent them from helping many.

The disaster relief group was removing furniture and belongings from Dixie County and Taylor County families and tackling mold after the flooding ended.

They have reached houses in Steinhatchee, but they are not able to get to many houses in Old Town and Cross City because the water levels are so high and not going down.

State Director of Disaster Relief David Coggins said he did not know when this historic flood will end.

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“The emergency management office told us it was coming in very unique places and in different ways, not just from the creek or streams, but coming out of the ground because the water table is so high,” said Coggins explained.

Shawn Hoisington was staying in the Old Town with his best friends and most of their belongings were outside in a tent when the flooding started. He and his relatives have been staying in a hotel since August 3.

“It’s devastating, it’s stressful,” Hoisington said. “We lost all of our stuff here because of the exterior and we all had to go to a hotel and since then we have been paying for a hotel.”

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Haley Reaves and Lacie Medlin said their friends at school are going through tough times as well.

“Some of them have to stay home,” Medlin said.

“The buses won’t go to their homes to pick them up directly, so they have to take roads and stuff to get on the bus,” Reaves added.

Coggins said they will help until the end of the week, but will have local volunteers ready to help.

“People are suffering and we are trying to encourage them, we are trying to help them,” Coggins added. “We are trying to give them some hope and encouragement.”

He said they were expecting even more volunteers on Monday.

To contact the Southern Baptist Convention Disaster Relief of Florida, call (904) 253-0502.

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