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PESHAWAR: Pakistan Red Crescent Society Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in collaboration with the Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) conducted a week-long disaster simulation exercise in the Brep region of Mastuj, the Upper Chitral district.

Brep is prone to frequent natural disasters such as flash floods and glacial lake overflows, according to a statement released here on Saturday.

The disaster preparedness exercise had a dual objective of helping to build the capacity of the community to cope with emergencies in the initial stages and to strengthen the integrated response of various humanitarian organizations.

The Agha Khan Agency for Habitat, Civil Defense, the District Disaster Management Unit and other humanitarian organizations also contributed to the simulation exercise.

During the exercise, a flash flood scenario caused by Glof was developed, and a search and rescue team responded quickly, rescuing the injured from the scene. As a result, a first aid team provided pre-hospital treatment for the victims, and serious patients were transferred to the emergency medical unit. Critical patients were referred to the nearest health facility.

In addition, a well-equipped tent city was established for the displaced population where food, non-food items and other services were provided. A well-equipped medical unit as well as an isolation center for Covid-19 patients has been established in the tent city.

Meanwhile, the CPRS Safer Behavior Risk Awareness Team directed the population on various potential risks and safe behaviors during the situation.

Speaking at the end of the fiscal year, PRCS KP Chairman, Retired Lieutenant General Mohammad Hamid Khan, said: “We want government and non-government institutions to jointly respond to disasters to better serve the nation. ‘humanity.”

Speaking to the media, Upper Chitral deputy commissioner Mohammad Ali said Brep had been frequently hit by natural disasters, resulting in infrastructure damage and loss of life.

Posted in Dawn, le 3 October 2021

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