Disaster Preparedness Exhibition held at the Brunswick Senior Center with several disaster relief agencies represented


BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) – Today, a disaster preparedness exhibit was held at the Brunswick Senior Center in Supply, teaching county residents how to prepare for major storms and the possible impact they may have. might have.

The exhibit was organized by the Brunswick County Disaster Relief Volunteer Organizations, also known as VOAD. There were presentations by experts, such as the county emergency services. Participants in the event received gifts and preparation and response materials. Several local disaster relief agencies targeting mental and physical well-being were represented at the event.

VOAD President Jeff Gibby said the event was well attended, grateful for the chance to help dozens of people develop preparedness plans.

“For years in the Brunswick County area and the Cape Fear area, we always thought it was going to bypass us. I mean time and time again we’ve missed the big one, and yet we’ve seen with Matthew and with Florence, how destructive even Category 1 can be here in our area, and especially with the flooding, but then we have had our recent tornado which I think also helped increase attendance today, ”said Jeff Gibby, President of the Brunswick County VOAD.

Outside of the Brunswick Senior Center, event attendees were able to drive through the COVID-19 vaccination clinic, view Brunswick County emergency response vehicles, and enjoy a free Operation meal. BBQ Relief.