Doctors for Disaster Preparedness files amicus in Biden vaccine mandate case

The deadline for information was extremely short, the difficulty of providing comments being exacerbated because Washington DC, was stopped by a snowstorm.

The DDP’s brief, submitted to the Court, indicates that “the vaccine strategy against Covid is a colossal failure….

While public health and American Medical Association (AMA) submissions repeatedly state that “the science is clear,” the DDP brief states that “it is not ‘established science’ to impose forcing a controversial vaccine into knowledgeable healthcare workers who are rationally declining. “

The DDP contends that government briefs supporting the warrants ignore reports of vaccine-related deaths and injuries in the government’s official database, the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). Further, DDP writes that “there is no meaningful analysis of the harm to the purported benefits of the Covid vaccine, in briefs filed in support of the warrant.”

DDP points out that the Supreme Court precedent on compulsory vaccination, Jacobson v. Massachusetts, upheld a state law, not the federal government, that simply imposed a small fine on those who refused to be vaccinated against smallpox. But this case “became the basis for the inhumane, utilitarian compulsory sterilization decision of the Supreme Court in Buck vs. BellThe court then ruled that “the principle that supports compulsory vaccination is broad enough to cover cutting of the fallopian tubes.”

Doctors for disaster preparedness is a group of scientists (including doctors) founded in 1984, which provides information to help save lives in natural and man-made disasters.

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