Duck, cover yourself, here! NDRRMC hosts nationwide seismic exercise on November 11 – Manila Bulletin

The National Council for Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (NDRRMC) urged the public to participate in the nationwide simultaneous seismic exercise (NSED) in the fourth quarter of this year on November 11.

Manila residents and workers participate in a subway-scale earthquake simulation exercise on July 14, 2017 (Korbin Gumpal)

NDRRMC Executive Director Ricardo Jalad said on Sunday October 24 that the exercise against next month’s earthquake would be held virtually and broadcast live around 8 a.m. on the Civil Defense Office’s social media pages. (Civil Defense PH) and NDRRMC.

“The NDRRMC reiterates its call on the public to continue participating in the NSED and other national and community preparedness activities and programs to build capacity to respond to earthquakes and other hazards,” Jalad said. .

Meanwhile, a disaster preparedness webinar and tabletop and communication exercises will be held on November 9 and 10, respectively. Officials from the provincial DRRMC of Zambales and the regional DRRMC of central Luzon within the framework of the NSED will participate.

On September 16, the NDRRMC hosted the third quarter of NSED online, which was joined by various organizations from government offices, the private sector, academia, non-governmental organizations, civil society organizations and of the general public with a recorded peak of around 57,000 viewers.

The NSED is held quarterly to prepare the public for the possible effects of a strong earthquake, especially the “Big One”. This is the worst-case scenario of an earthquake originating from the West Valley fault, a 100-kilometer fault that cuts through six cities in Metro Manila and neighboring provinces.

The NSED of previous years included face-to-face simulations of earthquake scenarios, but the coronavirus disease pandemic (COVID-19) forced the government to hold it virtually.

“The NDRRMC continues to engage the public in earthquake preparedness as it hosts the fourth quarter of the NSED next month. The next NSED will be the sixth online earthquake simulation exercise since the third quarter of last year, ”Jalad said.



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