EU and Bosnia and Herzegovina step up cooperation on disaster preparedness

European Commissioner for Crisis Management, Janez Lenarcic, is now in Bosnia and Herzegovina to strengthen cooperation in disaster prevention, preparedness and response, both nationally and regionally. This comes as Bosnia has confirmed its interest in joining the EU Civil Protection Mechanism, which coordinates joint crisis response actions.

The Commissioner will also take part in an EU-funded large-scale earthquake response exercise, which will include first responders from Austria, Romania, Albania, Montenegro, Slovenia and other international agencies. .

Janez LenarcicCommissioner for Crisis Management, said: “Just a few days ago, Bosnia and Herzegovina was hit by 2 earthquakes. We can’t always predict when and where the next one will strike, but we can prepare better, especially given the intensifying effects of climate change. Therefore, I fully support Bosnia and Herzegovina’s request to join the EU Civil Protection Mechanism. I am convinced that by becoming a member of our European Civil Protection Framework, Bosnia and Herzegovina will benefit from a reinforced crisis response whenever major crises occur. Together we can protect and save lives.

The Commissioner will meet, among others, members of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Minister of Security, Selmo Cikotić.

During his visit, the Commissioner also announced additional humanitarian funding of €2.5 million to help Bosnia and Herzegovina meet the needs of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants in the country.

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