Exercise Novus, disaster preparedness exercise

On November 3, the police took part in Exercise Novus, a joint training exercise with Moreton Bay Regional Council at their office in Strathpine.

The purpose of the training exercise was to prepare for the upcoming high risk weather season. These exercises are imperative and are carried out regularly to ensure that we are ready and able to provide assistance, support, communications and disaster response.

It takes many work elements and strategic coordination across many agencies to provide a rapid response to our community and we want to make sure we are ready.

Police officers lead District Disaster Coordination Centers which plan, supervise and coordinate QPS operational activities in their local areas.

“We cannot stress enough the importance of preparing for and planning for high-risk weather events,” said Master Sergeant Gavin Marsh.

“Keep up to date with what’s happening in your area and make informed decisions at an event that keeps you and your family safe.”

Emergency services as well as the Moreton Bay Regional Council are urging residents to prepare for disasters. To do this, you can subscribe to the Moreton Alert alert system.

Moreton Alert is a telephone alert system that the council uses to send alerts to communities via landline phones based on handset location, and to mobile phones based on the phone’s service address.

In case of emergency, you can receive a voice message on your fixed line or an SMS on your mobile.

Other ways to stay informed of potential disasters are to tune in to our local radio stations ABC 612AM, 101.5FM or 99.7FM, or logging in to the Moreton Bay Area Council Facebook page or Mypolice Facebook page Moreton.

For more information on preparing your family and home for disasters, visit the Moreton Bay Regional Council Disaster Portal.