Federal Funding Announced for Projects to Mitigate Impacts of Natural Disasters Across West Virginia | VM News

CHARLESTON, Va. (WV News) – Governor Jim Justice held a series of ceremonies on Tuesday to announce more than $ 65 million in federal grants for several risk mitigation projects to protect communities in West Virginia from future disasters.

“These grant amounts are big numbers, so it’s a very good day for these communities,” Justice said. “We thank everyone who goes above and beyond to make this happen. “

The funds are made available through the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Community Development Block Grants Mitigation Program.

The program helps communities affected by recent natural disasters to carry out strategic and high-impact activities to mitigate disaster risk and reduce future losses.

The grants total $ 65.8 million in CDBG-MIT funds for 18 projects that have been recommended by the Advancement and Community Development Division of the West Virginia Development Office, which manages the allocation of CDBG funds. by the state, for phase 1 of the state CDBG-MIT program.

Recommended applications include nine stormwater projects, two water treatment plant projects, two dam projects, one sanitary sewer line relocation project, and four planning projects. Over $ 40 million of the recommended total will fund projects that primarily serve low- and moderate-income people.

The grants were announced at events in Oak Hill, Craigsville, Marlinton and Alderson. They are:

• Town of Oak Hill-Minden Flood Mitigation – $ 4,739,000

• Town of Hinton Flood Mitigation (Stormwater System) – $ 4,350,000

• Marshall University Flood Control Barrier Assessment Project – $ 229,375

• Marshall University Culvert and Bridge Mapping Project – $ 163,000

• Relocation of the PSD water treatment plant from Craigsville – $ 3,174,000

• City of Summersville Stormwater Project – $ 1,042,350

• Planning project for crossing the bridge to safety in regions 4 and 2 – $ 250,000

• Town of Spencer Sewage Line Mitigation Upgrades – $ 3,880,000

• Alterations to Dam No. 1 in the Town of Spencer Milltree: $ 535,000

• Renovation of Camp Caesar infrastructure – $ 1,584,560

• City of Addison Storm Sewer System – $ 4,388,000

• Town of Marlinton Stormwater Project – $ 8,655,040

• Town of Rainelle Stormwater Project – $ 9,955,000

• Town of White Sulfur Springs Stormwater Improvement Project – $ 2,980,000

• Town of Ronceverte stormwater project – $ 8,800,000

• Town of Rupert stormwater improvements – $ 2,600,000

• Relocation of the town of Alderson water treatment plant – $ 8,304,000

• Lewisburg Stormwater Management Assessment Project – $ 250,000

West Virginia has been approved by the HUD for a total of $ 106.4 million in CDBG-MIT funds for risk mitigation projects, meaning the state can still award more than $ 40 million additional to eligible projects.

The HUD requires that each funded project meet the HUD’s definition of mitigation: activities that increase resilience to disasters and reduce or eliminate the long-term risk of loss of life, injury, damage and loss of property, as well as suffering and hardship, reducing the impact of future disasters.

HUD requires that at least 50% of CDBG-MIT funds go directly to low to moderate income people and that 50% of CDBG-MIT funds go directly to worst affected and distressed areas as determined by HUD (Clay, Kanawha, Greenbrier, Nicholas Counties).

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