Garut obtains three social granaries to strengthen disaster preparedness

Garut, West Java (ANTARA) – The Ministry of Social Affairs has prepared social granaries in three sub-districts, Garut City, Tarogong Kidul and Banjarwangi, in Garut District, West Java, to improve disaster preparedness.

“(Social granaries can) speed up the distribution of logistics so that when a disaster strikes there is already assistance,” the ministry’s director of social protection for victims of natural disasters, Iyan Koesmadiana, said during the meeting. of the opening of the three social granaries in Garut on Saturday.

The preparation of social granaries is among the ministry’s flagship programs to meet the needs of the community in the event of a natural disaster, he said.

The social granaries built in the three sub-districts will make it easier and faster to provide basic services and needs, such as food and drinking water, to the people, he added.

Under this program, the Ministry of Social Affairs will work in synergy with the Garut District Social Office to quickly provide logistical assistance provided by the warehouse of the Bandung Education and Training Center for Social Welfare (BBPPKS), said Koesmidiana.

“We will donate shelter equipment such as cleaning tools, hot water, etc.,” he added.

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Deputy Chairman of House of Representatives Committee VIII Ace Hasan Syadzily, who was present at the launch of the social granaries, expressed his support for the program, which is designed to help meet the basic needs of the community quickly after a disaster.

“Commission VIII strongly encourages this to be part of our disaster risk reduction and disaster preparedness,” Syadzily said.

Meanwhile, the Acting Regional Secretary of Garut District, Didit Fajar Putradi, expressed his gratitude for the attention of the Ministry and the Chamber in distributing aid through social granaries.

He said Garut district received similar assistance for the construction of social granaries after flash floods hit Karangtengah, Sukawening and Sukaresmi sub-districts in 2021.

“We also use the Contingency Cost Budget (BTT) to manage some issues, especially disaster impacts,” Putradi added.

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