Governor Declares Feb. 14-19 Spring Weather Preparedness Week

Governor Tate Reeves has declared February 14-19, 2022 as Spring Weather Preparedness Week in Mississippi.

In 2021, 76 tornadoes were confirmed in Mississippi, 50 of which occurred in the spring. May was the most active month last year, with a total of 27 tornadoes, breaking the record for tornadoes this month since 1950.

“Knowing the precautions to take before severe weather events saves lives,” Reeves said. “I encourage all Mississippians to review their current preparedness plan or create one if you haven’t already. The best way to stay safe is to have a plan in place before disaster strikes.

“It’s important to remember that severe weather is much more than tornadoes. Damaging wind, hail, flooding and lightning are also dangerous hazards associated with severe weather and Mississippi experiences all of that,” said MEMA Executive Director Stephen McCraney.

MEMA has partnered with the National Weather Service to highlight different types of severe weather and ways to prepare. All Mississippians are urged to have a Disaster Supply Kit filled with food and water year-round. Residents should also know a safe place to go to in case of bad weather in the area.

Each day of Preparedness Week, MEMA will post short videos and trivia on the topic of the day on its Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as on the MEMA YouTube page.

MEMA’s 2022 Disaster Guide also has additional tips on preparing for inclement weather.

Topics for the week are: Monday, severe thunderstorms; Tuesday, flash flood; Wednesday, tornadoes, with a statewide tornado exercise at 9:15 a.m.; Thursday, lightning; Friday, alerts and warnings; and on Saturday, mobile home security.