The list of banks that are sure to have a state-sponsored free-of-charge Baby Loan of up to HUF 10 million has arrived. The assumptions have been confirmed, most banks are taking advantage of the opportunity, and they will have access to a state guarantee loan.

Long list of credit institutions


There is a long list of credit institutions that have confirmed that they will start with the baby loan after July 1st. According to our expert, it is no wonder that so many banks are willing to deal with the Baby Waiting Loan, as the state bears the burden of paying interest on the birth of a child and the capital of the second and third children.
This is a major guarantee for credit institutions’ return on investment, which is why it will be worthwhile for families to provide this form of credit.

One month left, but product conditions are not final yet!


We have heard from several sources that banks have not yet clarified what to expect from the scheme and are awaiting an explanation of the legislative options, such as the terms and conditions under which the state will provide guarantees. Several banks have indicated that the construction has not yet been finalized and details are still being worked out.
But it is clear that there will be enormous interest in the Baby Waiting Support: in July, the banks expect hundreds of thousands each! Mostly the mothers who will give birth afterwards.

Baby Waiting Loan


There are a lot of people interested in the Baby Waiting Loan, they have more than 30 days to get the details and start the application, which they can do 13 days earlier than one of our top partners.

This opportunity is unlikely to be missed, as it can provide families with up to $ 10 million in non-governmental grants.
Our credit brokerage specialists can assist you in verifying compliance with the terms and conditions, who will advise you of their options promptly and professionally.

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