High Court hearing into critical EPA case today, says Doctors for Disaster Preparedness

TUCSON, Ariz., February 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The United States Supreme Court is hearing oral arguments today in a case that could limit the powers of the Environmental Protection Agency (West Virginia v. EPA). In its amicus brief, Doctors for Disaster Preparedness (DDP) asks the court to “harness the administrative state to ensure energy independence”.

The DDP argues that the EPA is abusing the Clean Air Act in a way never intended by Congress for the highly partisan political goal of controlling traditional energy. Unelected bureaucrats can affect the lives of all Americans by limiting the availability and increasing the cost of energy from sources that can affect air quality.

“It is unlikely that even Congress has the power to inconvenience and control every American on the pretext of improving air quality. A handful of bureaucrats in a federal agency certainly does not have that power, and it would be unconstitutional for Congress to delegate such sweeping power to an irresponsible administrator,” DDP writes.

“Political freedom requires affordable energy,” says DDP President Jane Orient, MD “The huge increase in energy costs and the dependence of Germany to Russia for natural gas greatly complicates the situation Ukraine.”

“The power-grabbing administrative state seems to know no bounds, measured by the number of agencies, their budgets and their staffing,” writes DDP. “Continued unfettered delegation to administrative agencies leaves a cavernous hole in the constitutionally balanced structure of checks and balances because agencies are likely to be arbitrary and irresponsible.”

The EPA could make it impossible to travel in a private gas-powered car or use refrigeration, heating or electric appliances without depending on government permission. Beyond that, the DDP points out, the EPA case has broad implications, as the administrative state now regulates “virtually every dimension of our lives.”

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