Homestead Disaster Preparedness: Water, Animal, Fuel, and More Considerations

It is essential to ensure clean and accessible water during times of stress.

There is nothing like waking up to another peaceful morning spent on the farm. As the sun rises, the beauty of a whole new day is ushered in and with it a new source of energy to fuel us throughout our day. Much of the satisfaction can be had by watching our farm progress as planned. Like that first hot cup of coffee, it can be assumed that each day will go exactly as planned. But what if Mother Nature has her own plans? Naturally, she has the upper hand and would probably get what she wanted. As a result, our plans are changed, and we may have to resort to one plan A, B or C, or even all three!

Basically, a farm is mired in self-sufficiency. Which is probably one of the many reasons we chose the family lifestyle in the first place. Most homesteaders quickly realize how essential their backup plans are to overall self-sufficiency. This is never more critical than when a natural disaster strikes. Realizing the importance of a homestead contingency plan, it is always a good idea to update and review these plans periodically. What better time than the present to revisit viable plans that could greatly affect your property’s positive outcome during a natural disaster?

Since no two farms are the same, and each may be located in a different climatic zone, with varying concerns, each farm will need to consider its own needs during a natural disaster. This blog is not intended to be prescriptive or exhaustive to meet the needs of a farm. It is intended to review common areas that may merit further consideration when it comes to general family disaster planning and preparedness.

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