How Auto Insurance Works After A Natural Disaster Lifestyles

This coverage is usually optional, unless you drive a rented car or have a car loan. If your current policy doesn’t include comprehensive coverage and you couldn’t cover the cost of repairing or replacing your car after a natural disaster, you can add it. This is probably not necessary if you drive an old car, as the coverage won’t pay off much in the event of a loss, if at all.

Although you can add full coverage at any time, it will not be paid retroactively. You will need it on your policy before your car is damaged for it to take effect.

File comprehensive complaints as quickly as possible

Insurance companies and repair shops can get bogged down in claims after a natural disaster, so file a full claim as quickly as possible. “The sooner your claim arrives, the sooner you are online for help,” says Jessica Castillo, senior claims manager at Metromile.

To speed up the claims process, Castillo suggests providing photos of your car before the damage, if you have any. Many companies allow customers to file complaints online or through a mobile app, which can help customers avoid overloaded phone lines.

If you are unable to cover the cost of your deductible, Castillo still recommends that you have your car examined by a mechanic, even if you are waiting to file a claim. You’ll learn what the repair quote is, and find out if your car can be driven safely while saving for the deductible.

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