How to secure all important investments under one roof

TORONTO, ON, OCTOBER 17, 2022 /insPRESS/ – Investing in commercial properties has traditionally been a desirable choice for business owners and investors looking for strong capital growth, consistent monthly income and greater security than stocks and shares. the actions. However, substantial dangers come with substantial benefits!

When disaster strikes, whether natural or man-made, the property damage and losses incurred can have a devastating impact on business operations, inventory, content and overall profitability.

CHES Special Risk, a 5-star property insurer, can help brokers provide bespoke commercial property insurance to protect clients against financial loss.

“CHES Special Risk’s experienced underwriting agreements provide commercial insurance policies that are highly customized to the owner’s needs. Having a large in-house capability allows us to help brokers help their clients get an extended form with extensive coverage, all under one roof,” says Joyce Rajadurai, Senior Underwriter, CHES Special Risk.

“To provide reference for brokers, we can offer restaurant building coverage as well as drafting hospitality coverage for restaurants. This is part of our focus on one-stop shopping. If there is a calendar of commercial properties, we would be happy to help you quickly,” Rajadurai continued.

MGA Coverage Highlights:

CHES Special Risks Coverage provides comprehensive protection against loss or damage to buildings, contents, inventory and other assets, as well as the risk associated with general liability. It is also an underwriting market, able to consider underwriting with other standard market GAs and insurers.

ABOUT CHES Special Risks Inc.

CHES Special Risk Inc. was established as a managing general agent and wholesale broker in 2004, in response to broker demand in an increasingly tough market, beginning with a particular specialty in the entertainment industry and hospitality, later becoming a fully accredited Lloyd’s cover holder in 2009. CHES Special Risk and Sister Companies are a fully independent MGA offering ‘A’ rated capacity in both hard to place classes and standard lines and support their retail brokers in growing and developing their businesses.

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