ImageCat and Global Earthquake Model (GEM) Partnership Provides Efficient Access to Global Seismic Hazard and Risk Information from GEM | New

LOS ANGELES, November 1, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – ImageCat and Global Earthquake Model (GEM) Partnership Provides Efficient Access to GEM’s Global Seismic Hazard and Risk Information Through ImageCat’s Multi-Hazard Risk Management Decision Support Platforms , Inhance® and FACFinder â„¢. Outputs from GEM’s global seismic hazard and risk models are already available on these platforms and provide layers of geospatial information for insurance and risk management clients to quickly assess their relative seismic risks.

“GEM wishes to open a new chapter of partnership with ImageCat by providing information on hazards, exposure and risks to each other in order to meet the global risk and disaster management needs of our partners and customers,” said Jean Schneider, Secretary General of GEM. “We have already collaborated successfully on several projects over the past decade, so this partnership is the next logical step in the development of our relationship.”

“GEM provides global seismic risk data and risk products that are essential for our insurance platform clients involved in disaster risk management, reducing economic losses and saving lives,” said Shubharoop Ghosh. “Through this partnership, we are able to provide access to high quality data on earthquake hazards and risks. “

ImageCat’s flagship exhibition product, Inhance®, is a revolutionary solution to exposure data problems and provides a suite of analytical tools to help (re) insurers, general agents and brokers visualize their real estate exposures in terms of completeness, accuracy and relevance. .

FACFinder â„¢ is an exposure aggregation and risk mapping platform for optional insurance underwriters that enables them to monitor exposure aggregation and perform better risk analysis. It provides a quick and easy way to identify existing risk locations and their exposure to hazards and allows them to understand the impacts of adding new optional locations to their business volume.

To learn more about how GEM Seismic Hazard Data can help your business, please participate in the Inhance Global Data Partner technical webinar by registering here:

About GEM: GEM is a global public-private partnership and non-profit foundation based in Pavia, Italy. GEM develops and disseminates open data, models and tools to assess seismic risk and promote seismic resilience around the world. GEM’s modeling platform, OpenQuake, is widely used by academics, the financial / insurance industry, engineers, and governments for seismic risk and hazard modeling applications.

About ImageCat: ImageCat is a global risk management innovation company serving the global risk and disaster management needs of the insurance industry, governments and NGOs. As a leading provider of disaster and risk management technologies, ImageCat is highly regarded for its industry-leading products, services and R&D activities, targeting decision support needs at all phases of the disaster management cycle. .

ImageCat and GEM recently collaborated with six other organizations under the recently concluded METEOR project to provide exposure data for nearly 50 countries, protocols and standards for the collection and analysis of exposure data aimed at help developing countries fill the knowledge gap in formulating disaster risk management strategies. .

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