Indiana Weather Preparedness Week

INDIANAPOLIS — Over the past few days of Severe Weather Awareness Week, we’ve talked about what to do before and during a severe weather event. But what should you do after the event is over? Once the threat of severe weather has passed, it is important to know what to do after a severe weather event.

Stay home if you can

  • Stay home or your safe place if you can
  • If your house is not damaged, stay inside
  • Avoid possible hazards such as downed power lines or downed trees
  • Check your family and friends by phone
  • Check in via all contact methods
  • Enable teams to clean up and restore lost power

Sam Lashley, meteorologist in charge of coordinating warnings with the National Weather Service in Indianapolis, reminds everyone to stay alert even after the bad weather has passed.

The main thing is just to keep your awareness. Be on alert. Look up if you are outside as the limbs might be partially broken and could fall off after the storm. So there are all kinds of dangers and be careful. And then, if you are injured, call 911 and notify local law enforcement so they can help you as quickly as possible.

Sam Lashley, NWS Indy meteorologist

Thursday’s topic is recovery efforts in the weeks following a disaster.

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