Israel to create climate change task force with Gates Foundation

Bill Gates to Bennett: Israeli innovation can help fight climate change

GLASGOW – Prime Minister Naftali Bennett meets with Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates on the sidelines of the COP26 climate change conference in Glasgow.

The two men agree to create a working group between the State of Israel and the Gates Foundation in the area of ​​climate change innovation.

“Israel is known as the startup nation, and I think it’s time to pivot and channel our national energy – which is the energy of the people, the gray matter – to fight climate change,” Bennett said. to Gates at their meeting. “We will consider this as a national mission. “

Bennett says Israel is cooperating with many of its neighbors on climate-related issues, especially in the area of ​​water scarcity.

Gates told the Israeli Prime Minister that “my great belief is that we can solve climate change if we accelerate innovation”.

Speaking of innovation, Gates says, “This is really what Israel is known for, but not so much in climate space. The key, he says, will be to “understand where the bright people are in Israel who are thinking about these new techniques.”

“We thought, how do we connect and find more people doing mitigation-type innovation, more people doing adaptation? Gates asks. “Given the talent you have and what we’ve seen in the digital space, how do you unleash more of it? So I would like to take advantage of this surge of innovation in R&D and find out where Israel can partner with us.

Energy Minister Karine Elharrar adds: “Israel can be a very strong power in the fight against climate change, and I think a joint venture is very good news for that.

Gates notes that he and Bennett – who made millions in high tech before entering politics – realized that “innovation was key” to their early careers. “I love this comparison,” jokes Bennett, laughing.

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