Israeli trauma care team led by former top WHO official visits Poland

Dr. Dorit Nitzan from Israel is leading a humanitarian aid mission to Poland through the organization NATAN Worldwide Disaster Relief. She and her team of doctors, nurses, social workers and a logistics expert from Israel’s hospitals are expected to be in the area for at least the next two months.

Nitzan served as the World Health Organization’s Regional Emergency Director for Europe until last month. She recently retired from Geneva and returned to Israel.

“The situation is serious,” Nitzan said in a statement. “Many of the refugees are old people, women and children. They are exhausted, sick, injured and traumatized. Ukraine’s neighbors have opened their hearts and homes to these refugees, and we are joining in this huge and crucial endeavor to help those in need.

NATAN is an all-volunteer, multi-faith humanitarian organization founded in Israel. Its members have responded to global crises over the past 18 years, including in Haiti and Syria, the organization said.

The NATAN mission will also partner with the WHO, the US aid group Operation Blessing and the Mexican aid group CADENA, in coordination with the Polish authorities, to deliver food, hygiene products, supplies medical and other relief to some of the estimated 500,000 Ukrainian refugees fleeing the violence.

They will also provide primary medical and psychosocial care.