Jordan Peele Posts Hashtag Nope With Bird Disaster Video

Jordan Pele

Jordan Pele
Photo: Emma McIntyre (Getty Images)

Jordan Peele released the trailer for his new movie Nope last weekend, introducing horror fans to Hollywood’s only black-owned horse trainer ranch, this chrome biker, and the idea of ​​an “evil miracle,” but we still have no real idea of ​​what Nope is about – beyond some scary shit happening in the sky. Well, Peele apparently offered a little hint the other day, and it involves some scary shit going on in the sky.

On Twitter, Peele shared a clip (with a Nope hashtag) from Today about a strange phenomenon in Mexico recently in which large numbers of birds suddenly (and seemingly inexplicably) fell from the sky. Some flew away right after, but others… didn’t. Suffice to say that it is not especially Amusing video, and if you have a thing for our beautiful feathered friends, you can probably skip watching it.

It’s definitely not some weird piece of viral marketing (again, some of the birds don’t get up), but it certainly has a similar vibe to what’s in the Nope trailer. So wwhat can he tell us about Nope? For one thing, there’s… uh, scary stuff going on in the sky? And… is that where the birds live?

Alright, we’re hanging on to straws here, but The Guardian said that scientists believe the dramatic bird incident was likely caused by a predator, such as a falcon, and that a large group of birds accidentally collided with the ground while fleeing (s’ was flying). The reason there is such a large group of birds is that they were probably “whispering”, which is that thing you’ve seen birds do in all kinds of scary stories. They were probably flying in a large group hoping to distract the predator.

So if get out talked about mind control, stealing white people’s bodies and We was about abandoned doppelgangers living underground, maybe the threat in Nope is… a predatory bird, like a falcon. He flies through the air, cuts the power, tears down flags, scares those inflatable men. Yeah, that must be it.