Having a credit card does not mean you should go through life in debt. This is a myth that has spread for a long time. It is real that the card is a financing but, of that to which you must necessarily generate interest for each purchase, they are two different stories. Wow Not all who have cards live with debts. What should you do to be like them? Easy! You must be a totalero with your credit cards.


How to be a totalero with your credit cards?

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Being a totalero with your credit cards involves two things:

  • Be very organized in your purchases and payments
  • Be a promoter hunter

Let’s go step by step. First we must know two important dates on credit cards:

  • Cutoff date:

It is the date on which your credit card makes a cut between one month and another. The cards give approximately 30 days of credit. When do those 30 days end? right on the cutoff date.

  • Payment date:

It is the day the bank gives you to pay off your debt without charging you any interest or charges. If your payment date is 25 and you pay it all 25 or before this date, you will not pay anything more than your acquired debt.

But, if for some reason you go over your payment date, even for a day, the bank will charge you a late fee. On the other hand, if you pay on the payment date or before but not all of your balance, the bank will charge you interest for the amount of your remaining debt.

Being a totalero with your credit cards means that you must pay your entire balance before or on the day of the cut-off date of your credit card. It is for this reason that you must take into account the previous dates and take them into account for any purchase you want to make.


What does promotions have to do with being a totalero on your credit card?

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Being a totalero means paying all your credit card debt in one fell swoop to avoid paying interest of any kind. This can also be achieved if the purchase is months without interest.

If you are going to buy an item for which your income is not enough to pay in full at the end of the month and still do not want to pay interest charges, you may have to look for your article in places where you can apply for promotions to Months without interest, of this You can pay in installments without increasing your balance.

EYE! This type of strategy only applies for months without interest is not applicable for purchases in fixed bids or better known as fixed payments, since these two promotions are different. We show you the differences here .

It is not so difficult to be a totalero on your credit cards, everything is knowing how to control what you spend, and not losing control of your payment schedule.

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