Members of Congress Form New Bipartisan Congressional Caucus on Disaster Preparedness and Recovery

Congressman Carlos A. Gimenez (R-Fl.), Congressman Troy A. Carter Sr. (D-La.), Congressman Joe Neguse (D-Co.), and Congresswoman Nancy Mace (RS.C.) announced the formation of the Congressional Bipartisan Caucus on Disaster Preparedness and Recovery. This caucus is committed to working across the aisle to advance legislation and policies that provide effective and equitable relief to disaster survivors and promote measures that pave the way for affected communities to recover. complete. The caucus will also advocate for disaster preparedness measures and programs that help save lives, while preparing American communities for future disasters.

The co-chairs of this caucus represent regions that experience a wide variety of natural disasters ranging from hurricanes to wildfires to floods, and have all directly navigated the disaster recovery process for their districts. They come together from all political walks of life and across the country to speak with one voice for better and improved systems for our disaster preparedness and recovery systems.

“The creation of the new Congressional Bipartisan Caucus on Disaster Preparedness and Recovery will serve as a phenomenal tool in crafting legislation to better protect our communities prone to natural disasters,” the Congressman said. Gimenez. “South Florida remains a high-risk area for flooding and storm damage. Advocating for critical funding and programs through the caucus will strengthen our ability to ensure South Florida is the best place to live, work and raise a family.

“Disasters don’t recognize borders or political parties, and neither should our nation’s disaster preparedness or recovery system,” Congressman Carter said. “As extreme weather events increase in frequency and intensity due to climate change, we must work together to strengthen our systems and save lives. I am proud to join my fellow co-chairs in launching this bipartisan caucus that is committed to advocating for effective preparedness and recovery measures and programs that best serve the American people and leave no one behind.

“By launching the Bipartisan Caucus on Disaster Recovery, we affirm our commitment to policies that bring real relief to disaster survivors and encourage actions that pave the way for affected communities to full recovery. With the increase in wildfires in Colorado and throughout the West, it is clear that these catastrophic events are not going away anytime soon and we must be prepared to do all we can to prepare our communities. said Congressman Neguse.

“In a coastal district like mine, natural disasters are an inevitable part of life. As coastal areas face heightened risks from flooding and sea level rise, we must take preventative action to prepare and protect our most vulnerable communities,” said MP Mace. “This caucus will serve as an important bipartisan platform to ensure our nation is prepared and able to recover from natural disasters when and where they strike.”

Several organizations have also expressed their support for the creation of this caucus.

“Main Street America applauds the formation of the Congressional Bipartisan Caucus on Disaster Preparedness and Recovery. Every community affected by climate disasters faces a difficult recovery for residents, small businesses, and overall quality of life. Providing increased Congressional attention and visibility to help communities large and small prepare for and recover from natural disasters is vitally important to the physical and economic health of communities,” said Hannah White, President. and interim CEO, Main Street America.

“At LISC, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities to provide the resources needed to rebuild, expand resilience capacities and strengthen post-disaster opportunities in rural and urban communities,” said Matt Josephs, Senior Vice President of policies at the Local Initiatives Support Corporation. (LISC). “That is why we welcome the creation of the Congressional Bipartisan Caucus on Disaster Preparedness and Recovery and thank Representatives Carter, Gimenez, Neguse and Mace for their commitment to improving disaster recovery, resilience and preparedness. Across the country.”

“From rampant wildfires, to increasingly frequent storms and floods, to extreme heat waves – climate-fueled disasters are affecting the lives of more people with every passing year and show no signs of slowing down. short term,” said Jessie Ritter, Senior Director. water resources and coastal policy at the National Wildlife Federation. “The Disaster Recovery Caucus will provide an essential forum for discussion and finding solutions that will help our nation prepare for and respond to disasters in a smarter, more equitable and sustainable way.”

“The climate crisis is increasing the frequency and intensity of extreme weather events and other natural hazards, from deadly heat waves to destructive floods,” said Joel Scata, senior counsel at the Natural Resources Defense Council. “Frontline communities bear the brunt of these events disproportionately, but decisions made at all levels of government can lessen this damage or make it worse. The work of this caucus can be essential in ensuring that the government minimizes the damage that climate change has on the nation.

“When any kind of disaster strikes a community, the impact on the local and regional economy can be catastrophic, often requiring large investments spanning years to rebuild. Beyond critical first-response needs following disasters, individuals and businesses facing significant hardship need longer-term, targeted assistance to ensure a full and equitable recovery. IEDC commends Congressmen Carter and Gimenez for introducing this important legislation that recognizes the vital role that the United States Economic Development Administration (EDA) plays in local economic recovery. Establishment of a Disaster Response Office at EDA emphasizes community recovery and provides the agency flexibility and common sense resources to respond, while removing matching requirements prohibitive measures that will ensure that the most underserved communities receive the resources needed to rebuild. IEDC further welcomes the creation of the Congressional Bipartisan Caucus on Disaster Preparedness and Recovery and thanks Congressmen Carter and Gimenez for their vision and leadership in creating this new voice supporting economic recovery.” , said Nathan Ohle, President and CEO of the International Council for Economic Development.

To match the announcement of the bipartisan Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Caucus, Congressman Carter and other co-chairs also introduced two bipartisan disaster recovery bills today.

“The Equity and Justice for Disaster Survivors Act of 2022” would establish a Disaster Equity and Justice Subcommittee within FEMA to help amplify voices, needs, and concerns. experiences of disaster survivors. This legislation has also been endorsed by the National Wildlife Federation (NWF).

The Office of Disaster Recovery Act directs the Secretary of Commerce to establish an Office of Disaster Recovery to support and coordinate the economic recovery of communities after a natural disaster. This legislation has been endorsed by the International Council for Economic Development (ICED).

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