Montgomery Fire Department gets $1 million in new search and rescue equipment

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) – Montgomery Fire/Rescue has received $1 million in equipment to better help victims of natural disasters. The equipment will be used by the urban search and rescue team during a natural disaster.

Special Operations Chief Samuel Castanza said firefighters have wanted to take their special operations to the next level for years.

“The fire chief is very proactive. With everything going on in the world today, would we be able to adapt to that,” Castanza said.

The urban search and rescue team will work with a shore set, which maintains unstable building walls, sound and video detection to find unseen survivors in empty spaces, a new rope cachet and a brand new truck to haul it all.

“Training-wise, we were pushing about 75% of where we were,” Castanza said.

“These guys are all first responders, and that’s the call they were drawn to, so the training really puts that stuff in there that helps them be able to work with all that equipment so that we’re ready for the day. “event. that some type of disaster event. And no one wants a disaster to happen. We just want to be able to prepare for that disaster,” Castanza said.

Castanza says the equipment is currently operational.

The department has only received 50% of the equipment, and Castanza says he expects this project to be fully completed within the next two years.

The equipment was funded by the City of Montgomery.

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