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Border emergency services have welcomed the launch of a national alert system, but say it is only a first step in improving community safety in the event of a natural disaster. The National Warning System is sending consistent messages to residents across Australia, after the Royal Commission on the 2019/2020 Summer Bushfires found people were confused by different warning systems in different States. The new national warning categories are as follows: When people log into the NSW RFS Fires Near Me or VicEmergency phone apps, they will see the same emergency warning system. Ian Avage, deputy officer of the NSW Rural Fire Service group, said it was great that people across Australia were receiving the same emergency warning information. “Especially here in cross-border communities, there are too many inconsistencies in our emergency services,” he said. “It’s a big step in the right direction, that we are all on the same page.” Fires, floods, all these types of natural disasters have no borders, and so do all of our systems. emergency alert. “The people of Victoria come here for vacation and vice versa and they are not sure what the message is, but if they are all the same then there can be no mistakes.” IN OTHER NEWS: But Mr Avage said more national consistency was needed in other areas, such as radio communications. “Until recently, we had limited or no communication with the Country Fire Authority, which is literally across the river,” he said. “We can’t communicate, we’re on different radio frequencies, we use different radios. We’re one country, we’re not eight different countries in Australia and that should be consistent across the country.” SES Assistant Unit Albury Commander Curtis Kishere praised the new national warning system, but agreed with Mr Avage that consistency between radio communications was also needed. “Certainly when we have these frequencies they will be really good and we will be able to respond a lot faster and it will be better for the community,” he said. Our reporters are working hard to provide local and up-to-date news to This is how you can continue to access our trusted content: