Natural disaster phenomenon identified in Australia



The phenomenon causes natural disasters

The La Niña phenomenon begins off the Australian coast for the second year in a row. Scientists predict that this year it will be weaker than before.

Australian meteorologists have discovered a natural phenomenon that causes anomalies and cataclysms. This was reported by the press center of the country’s government meteorological office.

& # 171; The La Niña phenomenon has taken hold in the tropical Pacific Ocean. This will not last long and will increase the chances of above average precipitation over much of northern and eastern Australia during the summer, ”& # 8212; said in the message.

The threat of La Niña consists of cyclones and floods. It will last until late summer or early fall and bring a cold snap to Australia, Indonesia and the west coast of South America.

In addition, the phenomenon will increase above average precipitation during the summer in Australia and trigger hurricanes and snowstorms.

It can also reach Europe, where it will cause a rainy winter.

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