Of 80 recommendations for natural disaster arrangements, nine are complete: Littleproud

Of the 80 recommendations submitted to the Royal Commission for National Disaster Arrangements, nine have been completed and five are on track, according to Agriculture Minister David Littleproud.

“We are working with states to ensure that the balance that is shared and that they own, works collaboratively to achieve it,” Mr. Littleproud said.

“Proudly, we were able to ensure that these recommendations were implemented, in particular the law on the declaration of national emergency which was tabled in this Parliament almost 12 months ago.

Mr Littleproud also said the Morrison government has established the National Recovery and Resilience Agency, which will deal with all natural disasters in the future.

“We have also created Climate Services Australia which will bring together data from over 10 federal agencies to ensure that not only our emergency services personnel have real-time data to deal with these disasters, but also to prepare. immediately upon resumption. ”

He explained that to further help prepare for natural disasters in the aftermath of the bushfires, which wreaked havoc across Australia in the summer of 2019, a national warning system, a national system of d Fire hazard assessment and Emergency Management Australia department were set up.

“We have accomplished a lot, there is still a lot to do, but we have also learned a lot to ensure Australians stay safer in the future.”

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