Office of Emergency Management seeking contractor to update action plan | Government

Victoria’s Office of Emergency Management has received approval from county commissioners to seek professional services to update the county’s risk mitigation action plan.

The approval came at Monday’s Court of Commissioners meeting. Mitigation plans are detailed documents that cover a wide range of hazards, said emergency management coordinator Rick McBrayer.

“The plan actually incorporates all of the natural hazards and the mitigation measures taken to reduce the likelihood of the impact of the disaster on you and your community,” McBrayer said.

The current mitigation plan is a 273-page document available on the Victoria County website. It covers risks such as floods, hurricanes, storm winds, drought, extreme heat, hail, winter storms, tornadoes, forest fires, etc.

The active plan – approved in January 2018 – is due to expire in March 2023, so “we’ll have to have something at FEMA by the end of this year, the first part of next year for their approval,” McBrayer said. .

FEMA does not allow mitigation plans to be developed in-house, McBrayer said, instead requiring a contractor to be on board to develop the plan.

McBrayer has submitted an application to FEMA seeking approval to use remaining funds from Hurricane Harvey-related projects to be “directly used for the rewriting of our plan,” he said.

FEMA has informed McBrayer that the application is in a “holding pattern,” he said.

While McBrayer awaits FEMA approval, county commissioners have given approval to begin seeking contractors to draft the plan.

While FEMA may not approve the use of funds related to Hurricane Harvey, McBrayer said he doesn’t expect that to happen.

“Anyway, it has to be done,” he said. “We need to have this on the shelf. There are no ifs, ands or buts about it.

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