Organics Converted (COIN) – Billy Murray’s Ethereum Wallet Hacked After $185,000 NFT Auction

hollywood actor Bill Murray saw $174,000 worth of crypto drained from its Ethereum ETH/USD wallet by an anonymous hacker.

What happened: On Thursday, Murray raised 119.2 ETH for charity at an auction on Coinbase Global Inc. PIECE OF MONEY NFT market. The winning bid was worth $185,000 at the time and was one of the collectibles that earned the holder a beer with the actor.

Just hours after the auction closed, a hacker attacked Murray’s personal ETH wallet and drained approximately $174,000 of Packed Ethereum WETH/USD in a series of transactions.

On-chain analyst OKHotshot, on Twitter, noted that the hacker traded the majority of the stolen crypto through a decentralized exchange. 1 inch, before moving it to centralized platforms like Binance and HitBTC.

The analyst noted that the hacker did not use a sanctioned coin mixer Tornado Cash RIPPED/USD to move the stolen funds, and speculated that the hacker might be a US resident.

“Cross-checking data on Coinbase, HitBTC, and Binance can prove fruitful [sic] in the location of the culprit. Very sad that 95% of charity funds were stolen,” he said in a tweet.

Gavin Gilles, CEO of Venkman Project, Murray’s NFT Council, said the wallet security team had moved the rest of the actor’s high-value NFTs into two secure wallets before the hacker could steal the digital collectibles. Gillas also said the blockchain analytics firm On-chain analysis was investigating the theft.

Price action: According to data from BenzingaProETH was trading at $1,547, down 5.4% over 24 hours.

Photo: Courtesy of Paul Sherwood on flickr