Pacific ministers urged to invest in disaster preparedness – FBC News

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Long-term investments from policymakers and key agencies are needed for a resilient recovery.

That was the key message at the three-day inaugural meeting of Pacific Disaster Risk Reduction Ministers in Nadi this week.

The fruitful discussion is a reflection of the Blue Pacific 2050 Strategy which was adopted by regional leaders just a few months ago.

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According to Karlos Lee Moresi, Program Advisor on Resilient Development Financing at the Pacific Islands Forum, the findings indicate that smart investment in disaster preparedness is important to minimize the economic costs in the event of a disaster.

“That a single disaster risk financing instrument cannot cover all possibilities or eventualities, what we need to do is take a layered approach.

Meanwhile, Litea Biukoto, SPC Risk Reduction Team Leader, says the road to recovery differs from country to country and is often a long process.

“The recovery often stretches well beyond the periods that we have actually set for normal standard budget processes.”

Humanitarian concerns are often a priority for governments, but President Inia Seruiratu said that approach needed to change.

“Countries must, however, focus on the requirements of a quick and longer-term recovery.”

The meeting ended yesterday with the adoption of a declaration of commitment.