PDMA asks authorities to take mitigation measures

PESHAWAR: The Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA), Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, on Wednesday requested relevant authorities to take mitigation measures for the upcoming 2022 monsoon season.

In a statement, the PDMA KP said that due to the unique geography and terrain, the province is vulnerable to various monsoon hazards including hydro-meteorological and geological.

Considering recent changes in weather conditions, more coordinated prevention efforts, he added, all stakeholders need mitigation and preparation for the upcoming 2022 monsoon season.

Preventive measures can be taken before the start of the monsoon season, the PDMA said and stressed the need to identify vulnerable places and take necessary measures to minimize the impacts of urban flooding.

He called for ensuring the elimination of encroachments on canals, floodplains, waterways and river banks. Desilting of canals and removal of waste from the site. He also called for the implementation of building codes in urban and rural areas and for assessments of vulnerable sites along major highways, maintenance and repair of highways where necessary. PDMA’s Director of Disaster Risk Management, Zuhra Nigar, said the purpose of the notices was to raise awareness among all stakeholders to initiate mitigation and preparedness measures beforehand and to minimize losses. PDMA spokesperson Taimur Ali said the contingency planning process for major hazards would initiate necessary mitigation measures and undertake a coordinated response to minimize loss of life and property in the event of an emergency. disaster.