Retired Acting Police Chief and Emergency Physician Join Laguna Beach Disaster Preparedness Group

Dr. William Dodge. and retired acting police chief Julian Harvey. Photos courtesy of the City of Huntington Beach and Providence Mission Hospital.

A retired Huntington Beach acting police chief was named to the Emergency and Disaster Preparedness Committee on July 19.

The Laguna Beach City Council has appointed Julian Harvey, a 33-year-old Laguna Beach resident, to fill a position created by the resignation of Bob Elster, who plans to leave town.

Harvey began his public safety career as a seasonal lifeguard in Laguna Beach and later served as one of three full-time lifeguards. The vast majority of his 30 years in law enforcement have been with the Anaheim Police Department, which included a stint as acting police chief.

“I just want to offer my services in a capacity where I think I can be of the most benefit to the city,” Harvey said.

For the past six years, Harvey served on the Audit Review & Measure LL Oversight, which oversaw revenue generated from a 2% increase in the Transitional Occupancy Tax to fund maritime security, policing, protection against fires and public works. He currently works as Vice President of Security and Guest Services for OC V! iBe, a planned residential and entertainment district anchored by the Honda Center

He is also the parent of three young children.

Dr. William Dodge, a U.S. Navy veteran and emergency physician at Providence Mission Hospital, was named an alternate member of the committee. His service included stints as a senior emergency physician at the US Naval Medical Center, San Diego and the United States Naval Hospital Yokosuka, Japan.

While deployed to the East African nation of Djibouti, Dodge served as Director of Emergency Medical Services for U.S. Armed Forces Africa. He oversaw US military evacuation procedures and operations across the continent.

He also served as the Senior Flight Surgeon for the Marine Corps Aviation Community in Twentynine Palms, California.

As a doctor who worked in the Laguna Beach emergency department for 12 years, Dodge was partly inspired to apply for the committee after seeing the Coastal Fire.

“That interest became more poignant recently when I picked up my son from Aliso Creek and there was a fire [near] The Ranch is approaching its school,” Dodge said.

Dodge is also the father of three young children.

Matt Lawson, chairman of the Emergency and Disaster Preparedness Committee, said he was very proud to consider himself a colleague of Harvey, Dodge and his fellow committee members.

“I am extremely happy to have Julian as a member of the committee. I think he will bring a tremendous understanding of public safety to our city,” Lawson said.

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