Rêv & Visit Mexico establishes a payment and loyalty partnership

Today, Rêv Worldwide, Inc. (“Rêv”), a global payment and loyalty product innovation company, and Visit Mexico, Mexico’s official tourism marketing agency, announced a multi-year strategic partnership foster cross-border tourism by leveraging innovative digital products and services that facilitate engagement, convenience and value for the travel industry.

With the introduction of the X World Wallet, a multi-currency debit account accessible by downloading a mobile application, linked to physical and digital Visa cards, and the integrated loyalty program, Rêv and Visit Mexico are taking a first step by offering a suite of products and services whose mission is to promote tourism activity for one of the most important travel corridors in the world.

The X World Wallet, now available nationwide, puts in the hands of its users a powerful tool that facilitates international transactions, discounts on travel bookings and a points-based loyalty program that helps maximize value. for the user. While there are a variety of branded and co-branded credit products targeting the travel market, the availability of a mobile-focused debit product that combines payments, currency exchange, loyalty and reservations is part of a recent wave of innovation that gives consumers an alternative to credit cards with stringent application terms, high annual fees, interest rates and restrictive loyalty programs.

“We’re proud to work side-by-side with Visit Mexico to put our technology to work so travelers can access relevant, hassle-free tools to make their trip easier,” said Bertrand Sosa, President and Chief Marketing Officer, Rêv Worldwide. .

Given the ongoing impacts of the pandemic globally on the travel industry, consumers and industry players are seeing how digital solutions are playing an even greater role in helping to reduce friction and open up the opportunity to improve key aspects of the travel experience. As the pandemic has decimated the travel industry around the world, Mexico is one of the few countries to have kept air travel open during difficult times. The World Tourism Organization (WHO) estimates that Mexico was the third most visited country in the world in 2020.

“As we continue to establish Mexico as the top destination for travelers around the world, we are excited to partner with Rêv on the development of useful products that help us connect with travelers and enhance their travel experience – starting with making it easier. , cheaper and safer for Americans to transact in our country,” said Carlos Gonzalez Gonzalez, general manager of Visit Mexico.

In a recent report citing travel recovery trends, Ryan Felipe, head of cross-border business for Visa in North America, said, “Travelers continue to seek digital experiences throughout their journeys – from planning and reservation to payment for meals and purchases on the road. This gives financial service providers and businesses an opportunity to drive increased engagement with their customers through trigger-based offers and messaging to build loyalty. »

The X World Wallet provides users with access to person-to-person payment transfers, one-touch shopping convenience, virtual and digital payment card functionality, account lock/unlock security features, and an integrated support platform to automatically contribute to climate change initiatives. . X World Wallet™ Reloadable Visa Debit Cards with No Credit Check, No Fee, No App available on X Account are issued by Texas First Bank, pursuant to license from Visa Inc., and subject to the cardholder’s terms and conditions. the map. There are no offline or online purchase transaction fees or foreign conversion fees when using the X World Wallet Visa card(s). Standard ATM fees and applicable exchange rates apply. For more information on the X World Wallet, visit xworldwallet.com.

Rêv and Visit Mexico are also collaborating to make the X World Wallet available in Mexico in early 2022 so that Mexicans traveling abroad can also enjoy the benefits that US tourists now have access to.

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