Rs 200 million spent on identifying earthquake and landslide hotspots

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News – July 19, 2022): The government is said to be spending funds amounting to Rs 200 million to advance an ongoing project, in the current fiscal year, to identify and compile data on the country’s “active faults” and possible landslide “sensitive” areas aimed at minimizing disaster risk activities.

The project, launched with allocations of 40 million rupees under the Public Sector Development Program (PSDP 2021-22), would be completed at an estimated total cost of 412.769 million rupees over a period of three years, according to a official document available from the APP.

The main objective of the project, titled “Pakistan National Research Program on Geological Hazards (Earthquakes and Landslides) – Data acquisition along active faults and identification of potential landslide hotspot areas” , would help identify earthquake-prone areas and landslide hotspots in the country. .

In addition, the establishment of a new network of global navigation satellite stations (GNSS – permanent and periodic) and a nationwide landslide inventory database would be achieved.

“The result will establish a solid foundation for reliable risk assessment and zoning of earthquake and landslide hazards. It will also pave the way for more detailed risk assessment studies specific to particular areas.

During the first year of the project, relevant departments were tasked with filling positions through assignments from the regular workforce, procuring durable goods, establishing the project office, collecting and review technical data.

In addition, office work for the selection of potential sites, field work for fault data acquisition and landslide inventory, data processing and analysis in addition to compiling of the preliminary report had to be carried out during the last fiscal year.