Rudy Gobert’s experiment was a disaster

During the first weeks of the season, Rudy Gobert’s experience for the Minnesota Timberwolves was a big disaster.

The Minnesota Timberwolves haven’t been the team many were hoping to start the year. In fact, you can argue that they’ve been one of the most disappointing teams in the Western Conference.

Rudy Gobert’s big move was anything but seamless and left the team scrambling. In the opening weeks of the season, Wolves are 5-8 and sit 13th in the West standings.

But it’s not just that Wolves got off to a slow start. A slow start is something good teams can overcome. It’s the fact that there’s not much to make Wolves feel good amid a slow start. In short, this season has been disastrous for Wolves.

And the culprit could very well be Gobert. He hasn’t been a good candidate next to Karl-Anthony Towns and the two players have struggled to coexist to start the season.

What the numbers say about Rudy Gobert

At least so far two 7-footers in the starting 5 don’t work. The advanced stats echo this. In 240 minutes played together, the Towns and Gobert combination just didn’t work. They have a net rating of -4.0, an offensive rating of 103 and a defensive rating of 107 when sharing the floor together.

To put those numbers into perspective, an offensive rating of 103 would be last in overall league team ratings. Wolves struggle, especially on the attacking end, when they are both on the ground.

However, when you really think about it, it may have more to do with Gobert himself. Here’s how the advanced numbers stack up for Gobert himself.

Rudy Gobert ON THE PITCH:

  • 106.9 RTG DEF
  • -4.2 NET RTG

Rudy Gobert OFF COURT:

  • 113.8 RTG DEF
  • RTGNET 2.0

Essentially, when Gobert is on the pitch, his positive defensive impact does not outweigh his negative offensive impact. And if this is going to continue to be a trend for Wolves, this trade has been a massive failure.

Gobert was supposed to come in and potentially be a moving element. So far, he’s been the one to hold them back a bit. Considering how much Minnesota has invested in Gobert, Wolves are in big trouble.