Russia-Ukraine war latest: Zelenskiy calls for ‘meaningful steps’ at NATO, EU and G7 summits; Russia not interested in ceasefire, EU says – live | world news

The great fact that the world now knows is that the Ukrainian people will fight for their country. They believe in their country. They love their country and they will defend it.

It was something we didn’t really know a month ago. It is now quite clear. It changed geopolitics

This means that we have a duty to help them. We have a duty to help them protect themselves and their loved ones. And so the UK is stepping up again. We have already sent about 4,000 anti-tank weapons. We are going to send many more over the next few days, 6,000 more missiles, and many more.

And the point I’m going to make today is that he has already crossed a threshold of barbarism in his behavior.

People are talking about new red lines for chemical, biological, tactical nuclear or other weapons.

For me, the red line has already been crossed. It bombards, indiscriminately, civilian centers.

It causes a large number of victims in completely innocent populations.

We need to do more. And so we have to do more economically. Can we do more to prevent it from using its gold reserves, for example, in addition to its cash reserves?

The more pressure we apply now, especially on things like gold, the more I believe we can shorten the war.