! Spanish News Today – Textual disaster warning service to be rolled out in Spain


Publication date: 11/29/2021

Spanish authorities will be able to warn people of emergencies by text message

Surprisingly, the volcanic eruption in the Canary Islands left only one death, and authorities attribute the relatively favorable outcome to the rapid response of emergency services. This premise has led to the development of a Public Warning System (PWS), which will allow authorities to send a text message to warn the Spanish population of an impending natural disaster.

How does the PWS work?

According to the Interior Ministry, by July 2022 the system will be operational and will run on technology capable of reaching any part of Spain with mobile coverage.

Already widely used in countries like the United States and Japan, the PSW will give authorities the option of sending the alert to the entire population or to a specific region at risk.

The ministry believes the system will facilitate a much faster response to hazardous situations, as the messages will contain details of exactly what is going on, as well as different actions residents should take to “act decisively in emergency situations.” specific ”.

Caller tracking system

Eleven Autonomous Communities, including Valencia, have already used the new AML system, which allows emergency services to locate callers with near perfect accuracy. The locator is only available on Android devices at the moment, but is expected to roll out to Apple phones in March 2022, and the margin of error is 15 meters.

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